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Shindzela Camp Safety Rules

Unfenced camp


 Shindzela Tented Camp is unfenced. We are situated within the Greater Kruger National Park, an area that is home to the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo).

This means that these animals, which are among the most dangerous in the park, could move into or through the camp area.

As far as possible, keep your tent door closed. Safety in camp is also based on common sense and respect for the wild environment in which we are staying.


NB: Also read the safety instructions for safari activities.




  1. Do not walk around alone at night,
  2. If you need to go to your tent after dark, please ask your guide to accompany you. Do not walk by yourself. Do not wonder around the camp or from your tent to another tent at night.
  3. Please stick to the pathways during the day, do not go and walk in the riverbed without your guide.
  4. Do not leave food in your tent, as the monkeys, baboons and other creatures may try and enter to take this.
  5. Do not leave clothing items outside at night, as these items are sometimes taken by hyenas or honey badgers.
  6. Do not approach any animal. Watch the wildlife from a safe distance and with your guide.
  7. All our staff are fully aware of safety procedures in camp and have the relevant emergency contact details and camp GPS points.


Medical and other emergencies


During the day, please report a medical emergency immediately to one of the guides on duty.

In case of a medical emergency at night, please contact one of the following staff members via Whatsapp Call:


+27823079493 – Carolien

+27782227377 – Johan


In case of a fire outbreak or a flood scare, please follow the emergency evacuation plan enclosed in your information pack.